Float The Penticton Channel

One of Penticton’s top bucket list items is to float down the river channel on a sunny summer afternoon.

Coyote Cruises offers inner tube rentals and shuttle transport back to the starting point, so you can enjoy a leisurely ride down the 7 kilometer long channel that connects the beautiful Okanagan Lake to Skaha Lake.

It’s a summertime event you don’t want to miss, so slap on some sunscreen and spend a few hours leisurely drifting the cool waters of the Penticton channel. On top of the picturesque views, you’re sure to make friends along the way!


Tube + Bus = $18 /person (your choice of single or double tubes) | Party Island + Bus = $25 /person (your choice of 4, 8 or 12-person party islands)



We’re Now Closed for the Season!

See You in 2021.


What safety information should I know? 

CHILDREN must be 4 years old or older and should be accompanied by an adult at all times. Life jackets are recommended for all children ages 8 years and younger, as well as for all weak, inexperienced or non-swimmers. All non-swimmers and anyone who is afraid of the channel should NOT go tubing.  You must exit the channel yourself, by following safety signage to move to the right after the 3rd bridge. There are NO LIFEGUARDS, enter and exit the channel at your own risk.

What hours are you open?

Last tube leaves the Coyote Den at 5PM. Last shuttle pick up is 7PM.

Where do I start?

You’ll start at 215 Riverside Drive, Penticton. Once you arrive, come on up to ticketing (north building) to purchase your tube/bus ticket. Then head over to the Coyote Den (south building) to sign our waiver and pick up your tube. You can choose between single and double tubes or 4, 8, or 12-person party islands.  We sell 5L Dry bags as well as waterproof iPhone bags for your valuables.

How long does the trip take?

Times vary depending on channel water flow. As of July 1, the water is flowing fast, and only taking 1 hour 15mins to get to end. (Further into the summer as the water flow slows it may take up to 3.5 hours).

What can I do with my phone? My keys?

You’re about to enter water so all items SHOULD BE STORED IN A DRY BAG. We sell 5L Dry bags as well as waterproof iPhone bags for your valuables.

Can we tie our tubes together?

NO. Tubers tying themselves into a big flotilla can be very dangerous around our bridges. Accidents on the channel from tying tubes together has resulted in near drowning and deaths.

How late does the shuttle run?

Last pick up is 7PM. If you are one of the last tubes out, don’t stop at the midpoint on the way down, or you will miss the last shuttle.

Can the bus pick me up at the mid point or end point?

Yes we can if you have a pre-purchased wristband/ticket from our starting point at 215 Riverside Drive. Our bus drivers cannot accept payment.

How often does the shuttle run?

It runs constantly from 11:30AM onwards. Turn around time for the shuttle is around 30-35 minutes, with stops at the end point, mid point and a return to the start. *Times may vary in 2020 due to COVID-19 safety spacing.

Can I make an online reservation?

YES! Skip the line and book online. When you book online you can head straight to the tube shack. If you’d prefer to do same day, then reservations are not needed for singles or doubles. If you are renting 4, 8 or 12-person party islands you will need to book in advance through our online booking software.

Are there any age restrictions?

CHILDREN must be 4 years old or older and should be accompanied by an adult at all times. Tubers between 15-18 must have a parent sign a waiver for them.

COVID-19 Procedures for Your Health and Safety:
ur Staff and Our Customers

General Procedures

  • All staff will be wearing masks, gloves and when required face shields
  • Plexiglas separation installed at all customer contact points
  • Covid-19 safety signage installed at entry and both exit points
  • New online booking software allowing for guests to book in advance
  • Drybags (5L) and waterproof iPhone/key bags will be available for purchase as lockers will not be available
  • Guest lines will adhere to social distancing
  • Following all health protocols based on public health guidelines


  • Each guest is provided a disposable mask to wear. Masks are mandatory.
  • Guests are required to face forward, and keep masks on at all time. Absolutely no standing on the bus or switching seats.
  • All windows on the bus are open for free flowing air
  • The bus driver will not be on the bus when guests are entering
  • Equipment is sanitized after each use
  • Bus seats are sanitized after each use
  • All guests boarding and exiting will use hand sanitizer
  • Additional buses in service to account for less capacity
  • There will be no garbage disposal provided on the bus (garbage cans are available before entering and at exit)
  • No payments will be allowed at mid/end to board shuttle. Wristbands must be purchased at the start (215 Riverside Drive)


  • Each tube will be sanitized before use (our cleanliness policy in 2019)
  • Customers will exit channel and return tubes to designated area
  • Our staff will not be helping guests out of the water to adhere to social distancing
  • We will not be offering personal inflation services


To get in touch with Coyote Cruises, please TEXT ONLY: